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FealGood Foundation & 9/11 Responders are Appalled

CONTACT: John Feal 631 724 3320, 516 901 7427

FealGood Foundation & 9/11 Responders are Appalled & Denounce the Underfunded 9/11 Bill from the House Judiciary Chairman Congressman Bob Goodlatte from Virginia

New York - On a day when Republicans voted for a new Speaker of the House, and promised they are turning over a new leaf, the House Judiciary Congressman Bob Goodlatte recklessly and without regard for the actual needs of 9/11 responders introduced his own version of the James Zadroga Health & Compensation Act. This bizarre act of unilateral action was ironically done the same day the James Zadroga Health & Compensation Act crossed the 60-vote threshold to make the bill filibuster proof.  Even more bizarre, Chairman Goodlatte didn’t consult with the bill House bill sponsors even though that bill has 237 bipartisan cosponsors in the House.

Not only is this a slap in the face to everyone affected by 9/11/01 and its aftermath. It is proof that Chairman did not think this through, or he is truly misinformed and does not appreciate the magnitude and devastation that 9/11/01 and its aftermath is still causing. The Chairman has refused to speak to advocates for a permanent program, and never followed protocol in holding a hearing like Chairman Upton in the Energy & Commerce Committee to actually find out how much money would be needed to compensate the responders who continue to suffer and perish in huge numbers. Introducing his own 5 year bill does not even come close to providing what is needed to help the 12,000 people eligible for compensation.

If Chairman Goodlattee actually cared about the tens of thousands who suffer and 470 people in his state that suffer as well, he would have made a mature & responsible choice and held a hearing and held discussions with 9/11 advocates.  Instead, he has taken the lazy route and just offered the same thing that we got in 2010.   We all know now that those amounts have fallen short and that the responders still need help.

The 9/11 Community and its advocates strongly oppose this ridiculous and insulting piece of legislation set forth by Chairman Goodlatte, and we will not settle nor be insulted anymore by House members who cannot wrap their arms around 14 years of anguish and pain that still haunts thousands of heroes every waking day.

On Tuesday, November 17th 9/11 Responders again will be in DC meeting with members of Congress to extend a permanent bill and make sure Chairman Goodlattes bill is exposed for its politics, its weaknesses and its lack of substance to guarantee proper funding for yesterday's heroes.

Please call Congressman Bob Goodlatte Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee  202 225 5431 or Judiciary Committee 202 225 3951 and tell him his version of our Bill is an insult, under funded and a half ass attempt to appease the 9/11 community.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Tell Congress We Will Never Forget 9/11 First Responders and Survivors

On September 16, 2015  John Feal of the Fealgood Foundation for 9/11 First Responders and dozens of New York City Firefighters  headed to Washington D.C. on a bus.  At the Capitol Triangle they were met and armed with the wit, wisdom and political clout of none other than Jon Stewart.  A longtime supporter of the brave men and women who put their lives on the line after the 9/11 World Trade Center attack in 2001, the former Daily Show host hoped to keep the heat on Congress to extend the Zadroga Act and extend financial benefits to First Responders, funds that are expected to run out by next October.  Thousands of First Responders, Police, Firefighters and those that cleaned the buildings and corresponding areas were exposed to deadly carcinogenic and toxic air for months after the attack and are sick and suffering.

                                      THE AIR AT GROUND ZERO

They were told the air was safe to breathe by authorities who clearly had to know that was a boldface lie.

Former EPA Administrator, Christine Todd Whitman assured 9/11 responders and the rest of New York the air was safe to breathe.  This was proven to be a lie when the EPA Inspector General's report in August 2003 found that statement to be "Unfounded", noting when Ms. Whitman made that announcement on September 18th that this statement was made without any sufficient data to support it.

Only the personnel dealing with the fires at the Pentagon had full Haz-Mat gear on as was needed considering the heavy metals and pulverized plastics and other detritus that was at the site of the Pentagon.  The fire in New York and at the pile was burning for weeks.  The military obviously knew how deadly the toxins from the plane were and took proper precautions and knew how to put out the fire at the Pentagon quickly and safely.

The New Yorkers were exposed to the deadly toxins because no one told the the firefighters not to put water on the Pile.  No one told them that you never are supposed to put water onto a fire that contains Beryllium because the water only makes the fire burn hotter and longer.  Only special dry chemicals are ever to be used to put out a Beryllium fire according to the largest U.S. makers of Beryllium, Brush Wellman Inc.  Beryllium is stronger than steel and extremely light and is used in aircraft to make the seats and shell of the plane, the wiring, landing gear and more, sometimes even the luggage is Beryllium.  No problem unless it burns.

Freelance Investigations has published several stories related to the toxins at the site including several specifically relating to the Beryllium burning at the site of the Pile for weeks.  Beryllium is deadly toxic in vapor, dust or particle form.  It causes Chronic Beryllium Disease, whose symptoms often mimic Sarcoidosis.  It is NOT Sarcoidosis, according to a 2009 NIOSH,  (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) Report to Congress.

The NIOSH REPORT TO CONGRESS states unequivocally that if anyone has ever been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and they have been exposed to Beryllium in vapor dust or particle form, they DO NOT have Sarcoidosis, but they do have CBD or Chronic Beryllium Disease.  Beryllium in vapor, dust or particle form attaches to the lungs and eventually burns holes that may take up to 15 to 20 years to present symptoms.  Other problems besides respiratory include serious eye issues... (For more of the entire story read ...TOXIC DUST ON 9/11 LEADS TO CHRONIC BERYLLIUM DISEASE  
and also...

                          PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION

John Feal has written the following letter and he urges all of you to copy it and forward it to your local representatives who are not on board yet in extending the Zadroga Act--- whose healthcare portion expires in just a month from now. Or go to the site link at the end of this article and sign the petition.

Rep. Peter King  (Rep) and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (Dem) have both been strong bipartisan supporters of Jon Feal and other First Responders and so the letters need to go to others in Congress who are not yet doing what many consider a no brainer... extending the Act, especially considering the sacrifice not only of the men and women who worked on and around the Pile, but also for their families as well. There are thousands who have lost their relatives to debilitating diseases, cancers, respiratory ailments and even those who have to deal with diseases and symptoms, some that are deadly and are not even yet being properly diagnosed.  Please write your own letters or copy John's and send it to Congress TODAY...and say Thanks to these American supporting them NOW.

Letter by:
John Feal Nesconset, NY

I went to Ground Zero shortly after the 9/11 attacks because I knew my experience as a US Army veteran and demolition supervisor would be of service to my country. I live with the memory of the lives lost that day, but also the sadness of knowing survivors are still dying from cancer, respiratory illness, and other health problems while their families struggle to put food on the table. Congress now has the choice whether or not to extend the Zadroga Act to permanently cover health expenses of our 9/11 heroes, and I ask you to please sign my petition to gain support for our fellow Americans in their time of need.

Tragically, our elected officials have refused to come together to guarantee support for these victims through an extension of the Zadroga Act (named after a police officer who died from illnesses sustained at Ground Zero). I’ve been to 144 funerals since September 11, 2001 including services for many first-responders who joined me at Ground Zero days after the attacks. I know there are thousands of more families out there who continue to face steep medical bills and struggle every day just to survive. This is no way to treat human beings who sacrificed so much that day. Americans from every state and nearly every Congressional district were affected on 9/11.

We can and must demand better action from Congress on behalf of all Americans. Tell Congress the Zadroga Act needs to be permanently extended because 9/11 survivors’ illnesses do not simply get cured if funding gets cut -- our American heroes will die without our support.

Along with Jon Stewart and other advocates for this cause, I’ll be in Washington, DC to meet with members of Congress. I want to gain as many signatures as possible to show the outpouring of love and support from all Americans who believe now is the time for solutions and problem solving. Two key programs in the Zadroga Act are set to expire soon (the World Trade Center (WTC) Health Program in September 2015 and September 11th Victim Compensation Fund in October 2016). But we know extending these programs will help ease pain and suffering for thousands of victims and their families.

We once were able to get support for these 9/11 first responders and survivors, but it was not a permanent solution. I have since met people from across the nation who believe America’s elected officials have the moral responsibility to serve and protect their constituents with a permanent extension of this Act. It’s up to us to ensure the 9/11 responders and victims are supported after they sacrificed everything.

When it comes to this issue, we can all agree there are no Republicans or Democrats -- only Americans. Please encourage your member of Congress to vote for American heroes who have been suffering since 9/11. Please tell Congress to extend the Zadroga Act.

Letter to
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
Please extend the Zadroga Act indefinitely. 9/11 survivors and first-responders need our help.

The Bill has approximately 150 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives and 36 co-sponsors in the Senate.  

Saturday, August 22, 2015



The following letter was recently mailed to various Bethpage residents...

Re: Bethpage Lawsuit Signup Package (and Retainer Enclosed)
Dear Bethpage Property Owner:

The law firms Napoli Law PLLC and Imbesi Law P.C. have been retained by many Bethpage residents who were potentially exposed to harmful chemicals resulting from the disposal of toxic waste. You may have a property damage or potential personal injury claim.

  The Bureau of Environmental Exposure Investigation warns that residents can have increased "amounts of PCBs in their body." It also advises residents to (I) minimize exposure with contaminated soil in yards, and (2) rinse off "children's toys that may have soil on them.”

Recent court documents revealed that certain areas of Bethpage, including the Bethpage Community Park, were used as toxic waste cooling and dumping grounds.

Soil tests conducted in 2014 and 2015 have confirmed the presence of various chemicals in the yards of Bethpage homes located near the Bethpage Community Park. To determine your rights with respect to these exposures and contamination, call (646) 380-9555 or visit Our law firms do not charge a legal fee unless you receive compensation.

There is a strict time limitation for filing an action for both property damage and personal injury claims. You may lose your opportunity to file or receive compensation if you fail to timely respond. If you have lived in or own a home in Bethpage, protect your family and your rights. Complete the enclosed documents or call 646-380-9555 and ask for Brittany.


Questions asked when visiting the website include:

Diagnosed with Cancer?
Own a House in Bethpage?
Live in Bethpage?
Did you live near or visit Bethpage Community Park?

If so, according to the website... a National Law Firm has agreed to take on new claims, however time is limited.  If you believe you have a valid claim call (646) 380-9555.

Editor's Note:

A recent Comment on this story just came in to Freelance Investigations:

According to Grumman Inventor of the year (1992)  Dr. Carmine Vasile (who worked at Grumman in Bethpage on varied projects) there are many people who worked side by side with Grumman workers that were subcontracted by Grumman and/or BNL and they should also be covered...His quote...

Since so many people lived and  died near Grumman's off-site dumps like the Huntington Superfund Landfill and Brookhaven Landfill- they should also submit claims to expand the class.
LIPA and BNL (Brookhaven National Laboratory) should also be included as defendants because Radium-226/228, Hexavalent Chromium, PCBs, Beryllium and Arsenic, etc. have also been detected in soil and/or drinking water wells  and monitoring wells.  BNL supplied radioactive materials to Grumman on many classified projects.  Waste from the LILCO's power plant near Grumman's Plant 2, 5, 14, 26  and the HQ building probably included Hexavalent Chromium  and PCBs.
Hexavalent chromium  compounds (including chromium trioxide, chromic acids, chromates, chlorochromates) are   toxic   and   carcinogenic.  For this reason, chromic acid oxidation is not used on an industrial scale except in the aerospace  industry. (  
The EPA warns: 
Some people who drink water containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB's) well in excess of the maximum contaminant level ( MCL ) for many years could experience changes in their skin, problems with their thymus gland, immune deficiencies, or reproductive or nervous system difficulties, and may have an increased risk of getting cancer.
Radium-226 and  -228 were detected above their MCL in public and monitoring wells in Bethpage.

The SCWA has detected huge amounts of Radium-226 daughters in wells near Grumman's off-site dump in Northport & BNL. ( )
Governor was notified, but he continues to ignore the problem. (  and
Many types of radioactive isotopes  are used in the  aerospace  industry; probably supplied by  BNL for the Apollo and other classified programs. 
                                                             (Dr. Carmine Vasile Ph.D Electrophysics)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Shocking New Video Shows Ailing 9/11 Heroes Set to Lose Health Care

Zadroga 9/11 Health Act to Expire Unless Congress Takes Action

“Without this program, thousands upon thousands of people will be devastated financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally.  They need the support of Congress.  They gave their lives to take care of other people and they deserve to be treated as long as they live.”

-- Dr. Ellen Koffler, Cancer Care Coordinator, World Trade Center Health Program

Today, advocates for 9/11 first responders and survivors released a deeply moving new video featuring Americans who are suffering from 9/11-related illnesses and need help from Washington.  The James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, which was signed into law in 2011, will expire unless Congress takes action now to renew it.  The legislation provides health care and economic compensation to those who lost their health as well as to the families of those who died since 9/11 from related injuries.


Please watch the video, tell others about it, and take action to help ensure the Zadroga law is renewed.

SIGN UP to take action at

TELL CONGRESS to renew the 9/11 health law by texting "911" to 877877


by calling 888-701-7499 toll free to be connected to your representatives.

The video was produced by E-18 Media with the generous assistance of the International Association of Fire Fighters.

Citizens for the Extension of the James Zadroga Act is a coalition of advocates who are working to make sure that Washington does the right thing and renews and extends the 9/11 Health and Compensation Act.  More than 30,000 sick and injured 9/11 responders and survivors depend on the medical treatment and the compensation programs provided by this law.

# # #

Benjamin Chevat

Executive Director

Citizens for Extension of the James Zadroga Act, Inc.

646 787 6184

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Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking in this country. States like nearby Vermont, have an MCL or Maximum Contamination Level of  5 pCi/L  (pCi/L stands for pico curies per litre) of water because it is so very dangerous at any higher level.  Then why doesn't New York have any number that would exceed safe standards on the books?

The answer is complex yet also simple, because the water on Long Island and in other municipalities across New York State, just would never pass, according to Dr. Carmine Vasile. A former Grumman Inventor of the year with a PhD in Electrophysics, Dr. Vasile believes his son, an aunt and countless thousands of other people who are living with or have died of cancer on Long Island are victims of radon poisoning.  It is his contention that the failure of government to take a stand and make a definitive mark past which radon would be unacceptable in municipal water supplies, like the Suffolk County Water Supply, is potentially the reason for the death of his son from brain cancer and his aunt from lung cancer (she was never a smoker).    

Dr. Vasile has put a petition on Change.Org and he asks that people sign it to demand an MCL for Radon be established in New York State.  

In the nineteen seventies during the Ford Administration,  EPA officials specifically excluded Radon's Alpha particle activity from the Safe Drinking Water Act’s Radionuclides Rule of 1976.  No reason or explanation was given for this exclusion.  This declared it unsafe to use water contaminated by nuclear or medical waste, naturally occurring Radon gases and dozens of their carcinogenic decay products. Now nearly forty years later no MCL has been established for Radon in New York State and Dr. Vasile wants this to change.

Below is the technical and scientific explanation given by Dr. Vasile on the petition 's webpage.  If it is too technical for you to understand, then skip it and ask yourself this one question.  If it is so deadly toxic and cancer causing, and other states have MCL's established, why then isn't there an MCL established in New York for Radon, just like there is for lead and mercury and thousands of other radionuclides and carcinogens?  If you don't have a good answer then ask the DEC or the EPA why there is no MCL for Radon in New York.  If they have no answer for you (which they don't, as Dr. Vasile has asked them in letter after letter, over and over again)  then go sign the petition.  (Editor/Freelance Investigations)

To sign the petition or to read more just click the link below:

The following information is printed verbatim from the petition page written by DR. CARMINE VASILE:

Petition Update

Revised Abstract Including Rn-222's Daughter, Po-218, which has an EPA MCL of 15 pCi/L

From the CHANGE.ORG Petition Website posted by Dr, Vasile...


     Two decades ago, a New York survey of hundreds of community wells regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act found Radon-222 (Rn-222) was present in all 436 samples in concentrations ranging from 13 pCi/L to 26,800 pCi/L -- 2.6 to 5,360 times Vermont’s Radon-action level of 5 pCi/L -- yet not one recommendation was enacted to protect us from the leading cause of death in America for both men and women – RADON [1]

Sadly, the NYSDOH failed to consider increased cancer rates in families using private wells they knew were being contaminated by wastewater from public wells in areas having cesspools or septic systems. Although there is no MCL for Radon, the Gross Alpha MCL for its Alpha-emitting decay products is 15 pCi/L according to the November 2001 EPA Directive 9283_1_14 (Attachment A) – which is not enforced even though a subsequent 2008 Duke University Report “Radon transfer from groundwater used in showers to indoor air” (Vinsen, showed huge amounts of Polonium-210 was produced by Radon-222 released from showers in 17 homes.

Of the 18 homes tested, the only home having safe Rn-222 levels was equipped with a water aeration system that vented radon gases outdoors. Measurements of Rn-222 in the incoming water supply of all 18 homes indicated both hot and cold water storage tanks contained Po-218 in Secular - Equilibrium with its parent Rn-222 at dangerous levels ranging from 4,266 to 21,897 pCi/L -- 284 to 14,598  times its MCL, excluding other Alpha-emitting Rn-222 decay products (Po-214 and Po-210).


During the Ford Administration, for no good reason EPA officials specifically excluded Radon's Alpha particle activity from the Safe Drinking Water Act’s Radionuclides Rule of 1976. This made it unsafe to use water contaminated by nuclear or medical waste, naturally occurring Radon gases and dozens of their carcinogenic decay products. As shown in the Bar Chart, by 2005 Radon became a leading cause of death; about 21,000 deaths per year, compared to 17,400 for drunk drivers.

This prompted the Surgeon General to issue this Radon Advisory in January of 2005: "Indoor radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States and breathing it over prolonged periods can present a significant health risk to families all over the country.

It's important to know that this threat is completely preventable. Radon can be detected with a simple test and fixed through well-established venting techniques." He (the Surgeon General), gave no estimate of the number lung cancer deaths in smokers or ex-smokers that were actually caused by Radon even though he knew breathing air containing as little as 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L-air) is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day from the instant a baby takes its first breath.

Radon-222 (Rn-222) is the longest-lived Radon isotope; 9 time heavier than air, with a Specific Activity of 160,000 picocuries per picogram and a half-life of 3.8 days. This means 8 pCi/L of Rn-222 weighs 50 trillionths of a microgram (50 E-18g). Yet inhaling such a tiny amount all day long has the same lung-cancer risk as smoking about two packs a day. Unlike other states, NY doesn’t require Radon testing or remediation; even when homes are sold.

These “well-established venting techniques” have been established for Radon-contaminated air and water, yet State and Federal health officials continue to ignore EPA Radon Risk Charts in “A Citizen's Guide to Radon” @ and have failed to set a Radon-MCL since 1976. This is a National Disgrace that no State Governor or President since Nixon has addressed.


Over 2 decades ago, the NYS Health Department (NYSDOH) surveyed hundreds of drinking water wells for the longest lived Radon isotope, Rn-222, which has a 3.8-day Half Life and can accumulate after repeated daily showers in poorly-vented bath and shower rooms. In September 1990, an unpublicized Radon-report was issued by the NYSDOH; 21/2 years after the Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS) issued its Radon-report.

The State’s survey included 10 wells in Suffolk County, but only one operated by the Suffolk County Water Authority (SCWA). The SCDHS surveyed 5 SCWA wells. By comparison, SCWA tests of hundreds of wells were positive Radon, as shown in Radioactivity tables @


The little known State survey showed Rn-222 was present in all 436 samples in concentrations ranging from 13 pCi/L to 26,800 pCi/L -- 2.6 to 5,360 times Vermont’s Radon-action level. The highest average levels occurred in Putnam, Orange, Westchester, Rockland and Dutchess Counties.  One hundred sixty one samples (37 percent) were found to contain Rn-222 levels above 500 pCi/L – a hundred times Vermont’s 5 pCi/L mandatory aeration level -- established to prevent Radon from entering homes via tap water.


The highest level reported in the 1988 SCDHS survey was 460 pCi/L for a 504-foot SCWA well located on Meade Drive in Huntington. At 500 pCi/L-water, 30 minutes of daily showering with low-flow showerheads (10 LPM) will release about 150,000 pCi of Rn-222; enough to fill a 10,000 liter bathroom with 15 pCi/L-air.

Unless the bathroom is well vented, another 15 pCi/L-air will be added each day thereafter. In 3.8 days, the first Rn-222 dose will have decayed 50%; leaving behind varying amounts of 7 metallic, radioactive isotopes: Po-218, Pb-214, Bi-214, Po-214, Pb-210, Bi-210, Po-210 and stable Pb-206. That’s why the State of Vermont requires Radon removal systems like that shown @ if a water source has over 5 pCi/L of gross alpha radioactivity.

By comparison, here's what the NYSDOH has to say about Radon Mitigation: "Radon in water is usually not the primary source of radon in the home. If a radon in air mitigation system appears not to be reducing radon levels, then radon in water may be evaluated as a pathway. Presently there is no guideline or recommended action level for radon in water concentration. Radon in water may pose an inhalation risk. This risk results when radon is released into the air when water is used for showering and other household purposes. Approaches to mitigate radon in water are aeration or filtration using granular activated carbon."(

Long Island Myth Debunked and "RADON CHIMNEYS"

These surveys debunked the myth that Long Island has no Radon, as recently alleged by Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone, in response to complaints. They also proved Long Island’s major sources of surface Radon are deep wells that serve as “Radon Chimneys”, in addition to shallower wells near its many Superfund and CERCLA sites.

Yet not one NYS Governor or Health Department mandated “well-established venting techniques” to protect us, even those living near the Vermont border. Neither survey report presented test results for Rn-222’s longest-lived offspring; Lead-210 (Pb-210, 22 yr ½-life) and Polonium-210 (Po-210, 140 day ½-life), which also accumulate after repeated showers and ARE regulated under the NYS Health Code with an MCL of 4 mrem/yr for the former and 15 pCi/L for the latter; contrary to County Executive Bellone’s erroneous assertion:

“With respect to your specific questions, radon levels are naturally low on Long Island compared with background levels in other areas of the country, tritium levels have been well under drinking water standards, and there have been no confirmed significant detections of lead-210 (which is a naturally occurring radionuclide for which there is currently no drinking water standard)…”. [3] [4]

Both reports included tests results for a small fraction of radioactive wells operated by the SCWA; a few of which are identified in dozens of radioactivity tables @ showing Radon levels far above Vermont’s action level.None of these tables have test results for Po-210 and only those located in and around Shirley contain Pb-210 results.

As of this date, not one recommendation by former NYSDOH Commissioner David Axelrod, M.D. has been adopted and lung cancer rates continued to rise, as well as skin and other waterborne cancers; especially on Long Island as documented in the book Welcome to Shirley by Kelly McMasters and its film version: The Atomic States of America.


    Obviously, deep wells serve as chimneys that allow Radon and other gases trapped in deep aquifers to rise and create deadly indoor “Radon Smog”. Like all lead isotopes, Pb-210 and its stable daughter Pb-206 will accumulate in our bodies unless removed by chelation. Unlike the latter isotope, Pb-210 continually emits deadly Gamma rays that exit lungs to also cause breast, skin, and other cancers. Although NYS Health regulations continue to exclude Rn-222, they place limits on total Lead and two of Rn-222’s most deadly decay products: Pb-210 and Po-210. Yet tests results for Pb-210 & Po-210 are absent from every published NYS water quality report; including hundreds operated by America’s largest public water company @, which has 773 community wells up to 710 feet deep.  Dozens, if not hundreds, are contaminated by radioactive plumes from the notorious Superfund site featured in the NETFLIX Movie, The Atomic State of America, with Alec Baldwin -- whose mother founded the Stony Brook Cancer Center. In 2014 Stony Brook began offering a Lung Cancer Screening Program that excludes non-smokers, unknowingly exposed to Radon every time they shower. (See screening requirements @

The SCWA has been reporting huge amounts Radon, unlike other water companies in Suffolk County. For over a decade, the SCWA has been reporting enormous amounts of Pb-210 to the State and  EPA -- hundreds of times its NYS and EPA MCL of 4 mrem/yr -- but no test results for its Alpha-emitting progeny, Po-210, which has an MCL of 15 pCi/L.

Since Po-210 has a Half-Life of 140 days compared to 22 years for its grandparent (Pb-210), it is often used to accurately calculate Pb-210 concentrations using Bateman’s Equations. But according to Suffolk County Executive Bellone, a mysterious “anomaly of the analysis” caused hundreds of Pb-210 test results to be deemed erroneous in 2013. He didn’t explain why the NYSDOH failed to close these wells a decade before the discovery of this “anomaly of the analysis”. They remain in service in Shirley creating patients for Long Island’s thriving "Cancer Industry".

It seems the County Executive didn’t read the SCWA’s 2012 water quality report, or earlier versions certified by County-appointed water managers; including this statement: "In 2011 we monitored for radon, and gross alpha and beta particles at 87 locations throughout our distribution system. The results for each distribution area are noted on pages 13 through 19. Overall, the test results for radon ranged from non-detect (no radon found) to 303 pCi/L. Currently there is no established state or federal MCL for radon." (Quote from


    [1] “REPORT OF STATEWIDE SURVEILLANCE FOR RADON IN SELECTED COMMUNITY WATER SYSTEMS, NEW YORK STATE 1989 – 1990”; September 1990, by David Axelrod, M.D., New York State Department of Health Commissioner and Kenneth E. Slade, P.E., Bureau of Public Water Supply Protection Contaminant Studies Section. []

    [2] “RADON IN DRINKING WATER”, March 1988, by David Harris, M.D., M.P.H., Commissioner Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS), & Aldo Andreoli, P.E., Director, Division of Environmental Health. []

Radon Chimneys and Smog

    [3] Dozens of radionuclides tables @ show huge amounts of Radon gas from deep, glacial aquifers capped by thick layers of impervious clay are being brought to the surface by 773 community wells up to 710 feet deep that act as “Radon Chimneys” that emit “Radon Smog” 9 times heavier than air. As this radioactive smog spreads over Suffolk’s homes, Pine Barrens and rich farmland, it quickly decays into seven (7) radioactive metals. Only Pb-210 and Po-210 are regulated by Table 7 “Radiological Maximum Contaminant Level Determination”  @ and Table 16. “Additional Contaminants for which Reporting is Required Pursuant to 5-1.72 (e)-(h) of this Subpart.”

     [4] Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone posted these erroneous comments on his Facebook page: “With respect to your specific questions, radon levels are naturally low on Long Island compared with background levels in other areas of the country, tritium levels have been well under drinking water standards, and there have been no confirmed significant detections of lead-210 (which is a naturally occurring radionuclide for which there is currently no drinking water standard)…The Suffolk County Department of Health Services, Office of Water Resources currently tests all community water supply wells for radionuclides every 3 years, except that Suffolk County Water Authority wells closest to Brookhaven National Laboratory are sampled every year as a precaution. In addition, there is also a monitoring well network up gradient of the Suffolk County Water Authority Wells that are frequently sampled by Suffolk County Department of Health Services staff, Suffolk County Water Authority and Brookhaven National Laboratory. This sampling exceeds the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act…The NYSDOH, the USEPA, and the SCDHS have previously reviewed the Suffolk County Water Authority’s Annual Water Quality Report supplements that included detections of Lead-210. However, these detections were determined to be likely false positives, and subsequent resampling by SCWA in 2013 did not identify any detections. The standard error, also known as uncertainty, for nearly all of the historical detections were close to or more than the actual measurements reported by Suffolk County Water Authority’s contract laboratory. The Suffolk County Water Authority has investigated the high uncertainties and they were informed by their contract laboratory that the results were an anomaly of the analysis.” [Quotation from Exhibit A @ is also contradicted by SCWA test results in Exhibits C and D.]

EDITOR"S NOTE:  After publishing this editorial and Dr. Vasile's Research on radon, I was contacted by Dr. Vasile who added this valuable information to the topic.  The following response by Dr. Vasile was provided to answer a question posed by one of our readers.

Do GAC filters become Radioactive?

GAC tanks capture radon atoms in the water and hold them until most have decayed away.  As they decay they emit gamma radiation.  Walking by a GAC tank would not present any risk.  A GAC tank however should never be located within a few feet of where a person spends hours at a time.   A second consideration is that the carbon in the tank needs to be replaced before it accumulates too much Lead 210, a by-product of radon .  GAC systems should only be used for water that has up to 20,000 pCi/l in the water.  In order to be at the maximum allowable Lead 210, a carbon tank needs to be efficiently filtering radon in water in a four person house for about 5 years.  If there is half as much radon in the water or half as much water usage then it would take twice as long to get to the same level or about 10 years.

" Alpha radiation is measured in picocuries per liter (pCi/L). If alpha radiation is detected at or above  5 pCi/L in your home well, additional testing is needed to pinpoint the source. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has set 15 pCi/L as the maximum contaminant level  for public drinking water supplies.   Yet New York State has not established any MCL for radon in our municipal drinking water supplies.  This level is  calculated as the total alpha radiation minus uranium and radon."

"Radon in Water Mitigation information for reducing radon in well water using aeration treatment and GAC radon in water removal‏ " @
  " Radon in Water Mitigation information for reducing radon in well water using aeration treatment and GAC radon in water removal" @ wtr

The latter states: " Are there any government Radon in Water action levels? The EPA has been trying to set guidelines for maximum levels of radon in water for municipal water systems for more than a decade.  In 1999 the EPA proposed a double standard that set a level of 300 pCi/l for sates that had no radon in air program and 4000 pCi/l for states that have an active radon in air program.   There are presently no recommended action levels from the EPA. The following New England states have set their own recommended action levels.

State           Vermont        Conn.        Rhode Island   Mass.     Maine  

pCi/L           4000            5000          5000              10,000        4000

Pennsylvania has not set a recommended action level of radon
 4,000 is a lot higher than the 5 pCi/L stated on Attachment pg. 1
SCWA lies about it's Level per attachment Pg. 3

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A safety bulletin about Beryllium warning of the deadly nature of the metal when machined or burned dates back to October of 1972.  Why then are any amounts of Beryllium still allowed to be burned in Huntington's Waste-to-Energy Facility every single day?

Beryllium is found in electronics, microwaves, airbags, and is used for luggage, clothing, aircraft parts and a whole range of consumer products that contain Beryllium.

Beryllium is deadly toxic when burned and inhaled in either a vapor, dust or particle form.  Why then does the permit for the Covanta Facility in Huntington allow Beryllium to be burned 24 hours a day 365 days a year?  Even the major United States manufacturer of Beryllium; Brush Wellman Corporation, warns of the dangers of burning Beryllium and the fact that even small amounts in vapor, dust or particle form that are inhaled, are deadly toxic and can lead to Chronic Beryllium Disease also known as Berylliosis.


Beryllium (Be) metal is the only stable lightweight metal with a high melting point; it has a high strength-to-weight ratio; and its alloying property confers to metals resistance to corrosion, vibration and shock.

Beryllium and its compounds are toxic in varying degrees. The hazard from exposure to these substances develops during material working and use. Soluble Beryllium compounds are generally more toxic than insoluble Beryllium compounds, however, due to the insidious nature of the physiological action of Beryllium as shown from recorded minute exposures, the Threshold Limit Value (TLV) recommended by the American Conference of Government and Industrial Hygienist (ACGIH) is 0.002 mg/cu meter of air.

The TLV of airborne Beryllium is minute and requires stringent engineering controls and safety procedures to assure personnel exposure is avoided. Due to the varying uses of Beryllium and its compounds and the various fabrication procedures that may be encountered the following general procedure shall be followed by all employees, departments and test facilities encountering Beryllium or any of its compounds or alloys.

1. The Corporate Safety Department shall be notified of any operation or procedure that may result in personnel being exposed to any form of Beryllium, its compounds or alloys.
2. The following information shall be required at the time of the Corporate Safety Department notification:
a. The Beryllium containing substance.
b. The quantity of this substance to be handled.
c. The handling operation involved (i.e., milling, drilling, etc.)
d. The number of personnel exposed
e. The physical location of where the Beryllium substances are to be used

Chronic Beryllium Disease and Beryllium Sensitivity Disease symptoms include but are not limited to:  rashes, dermatitis, conjunctivitis and eye ulcers, enlarged heart, kidney problems and chronic sinusitis.  If Beryllium in dust, vapor or particle form is introduced through the skin by a cut or puncture, non-healing ulcers may develop with target organs being; lungs, mucous membranes eyes and skin .                                                     ( Genium Publishing Corporation-Beryllium Metal/Powder)
Beryllium production was halted by Brush Wellman, the nation’s largest producer of Beryllium, in 2000 primarily due to economic and occupational and health reasons according to William Greenwalt, the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Industrial Policy) for the United States.

Beryllium use in Europe is strictly limited and regulated by CERN, their nuclear regulatory agency which was already limiting future use and production for safety and health reasons as far back as 1985.
Beryllium production in the United States will continue unimpeded however.  Thanks to the need by the Department of Defense for the military and aerospace applications, a brand new facility opened in Elmore, Ohio in 2011.


Due to the fact that Beryllium is increasingly being used in cell phones and other modern technological devices this raises the question: are automobile, office building, airline or other fires currently being approached with the proper breathing apparatus and full coverage garments suggested when dealing with fires that contain Beryllium?

Were the first responders of 9-11 checked for Chronic Beryllium Disease (CBD), which requires an expensive and specific test (BeLPT) and can take decades to present its symptoms?  Almost none have been tested for anything but Sarcoidosis, according to sources.


Another serious question pertains to the fact that the EPA in New York allows the burning of Beryllium in the incinerators at all on Long Island or anywhere.  This again, despite the fact that any and all sources with knowledge of Beryllium, including the Brush Wellman website strictly warn against being exposed to any level of Beryllium in a vapor, dust or particle form.

According to the National Jewish Health website "Studies have shown that breathing even seemingly trivial amounts of Beryllium can cause Chronic Beryllium Sensitization Disease and Chronic Beryllium Disease... Although it primarily attacks the lungs, it can also cause a rash, poor wound healing, or wart-like skin bumps, if it enters the body through an opening in the skin, such as a sliver or cut."


Despite these warnings against any exposure to Beryllium in vapor, dust or particle form, the permit for the Covanta Incinerator in Huntington allows for emissions of  .0002 lbs/hour of Beryllium. (This limit represents BACT.) The permit is issued by the Department of Environmental Conservation in compliance with standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.  The permit also allows for the burning of a percentage of lead and mercury.  The percentage of volume of lead allowed to be burned is roughly 1400 times as much as that of Beryllium, evidencing how toxic Beryllium actually is.

Freelance Investigations contacted Brush Wellman and asked if any amount of Beryllium being burned in incinerators that are located near neighborhoods would be safe.  The following was the reply:

"The U.S. EPA restricts the amount of human-created beryllium that may be released into the air, which includes such sources as incinerators, industry and electric utilities.  Electric utilities generate more than three times the volume of human-created beryllium released to air than the other sources combined.  To ignore this and focus singularly on incinerators would, in our opinion, provide a very incomplete and potentially misleading representation of the facts. Moreover, I believe you should contact the US EPA for their views on the efficacy of their standards. That is our response to your inquiry. Thank you. Patrick Carpenter" (Brush Wellman) info in parenthesis added.

The Northport Power Station on Waterside Avenue and Eatons Neck Road, owned by National Grid also has permission to burn measured amounts of Beryllium and radionuclides.  National Grid bought 53 old power plants from Key Span.  Covanta operates several incinerators in neighborhoods on Long Island.  Brookhaven Laboratory also has its own incinerator and it was burning radioactive waste and burying the fly ash in the ground and landfills, according to BNL reports.

According to the NPS AIR PERMITS for the Northport Power Station:

This facility consists of four (4) 385 MWe nominal turbine/generator boiler sets operating on natural gas, #1, #2, or #6 fuel oils. In addition, a 15 MWe nominal black start combustion turbine is maintained on site to meet load demand and emergency power requirements. In addition to #1, #2 and #6 fuel oil and natural gas, these boilers burn waste oil generated on site and at other company facilities for energy recovery, and incinerate citrosolv, a boiler cleaning solution, following boiler chemical cleaning. There are five (5) main tanks used for storing #6 fuel oil, ranging from 13,524,000 to 27,035,000 gallons. In addition, there are numerous smaller tanks used for storing distillate, lubrication and/or dielectric oils.

NESHAP National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (40 CFR 61) - contaminant and source specific emission standards established prior to the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 (CAAA) which were developed for 9 air contaminants (inorganic arsenic, radon, benzene, vinyl chloride, asbestos, mercury, Beryllium, radionuclides, and volatile HAP’s)

Secret projects were carried out at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) and other sites on Long Island, where uranium was enriched for use in our nuclear arsenal and Beryllium was used in a multitude of military and other applications.  This made dosage levels of people exposed to these carcinogenic elements impossible to calculate.  It can sometimes take decades for the effects of Beryllium exposure to exhibit, and any person who was or is at risk because of exposure can now get financial and medical help through the Department of Labor, NIOSH and the EEOICPA.

In an earlier article, Freelance Investigations revealed there would now be money and medical compensation available for anyone working at Brookhaven National Laboratories or the old Sylvania Property in Hicksville, as well as their contractors and subcontractors during certain years.  These people are presumed to have been exposed to Beryllium and radiation in levels that would be harmful to their health.   One of the larger local contractors connected to BNL, where Beryllium was used extensively was Grumman Aerospace in Bethpage, Long Island.  Anyone who worked there may be entitled to a free medical screening.  Anyone who had a relative who worked there and is deceased from one of twenty three cancers or other covered medical conditions  may also be entitled to monetary compensation.  (See Freelance Investigations Article archives January 2010).

The following important information is provided to help people understand what Beryllium is what it does and the nature of its' effect on people's health, if  they are exposed.
Brush Wellman Inc. is the nation's largest manufacturer and distributor of Beryllium, Beryllium Alloys and Beryllium Ceramics.  The following information was gleaned from documents contained on their website.
Beryllium as a solid is not toxic.  Beryllium dust or particulates created during machining or other processes can be highly carcinogenic and toxic if breathed into the lungs or if it settles on skin or in the eyes.
Beryllium is the fourth element on the periodic table of elements.  Its' symbol is Be and it has an atomic weight of 9.01.
Beryllium is the second lightest metal we know,  (the lightest is Lithium).  Beryllium though light, is one tough metal and is used in the nuclear power industry for blast shields and reflectors and as a neutron moderator.
Beryllium has a very high melting point of 1,278 degrees C and has a very low density, which makes it ideal for use in military applications such as nuclear warheads, jet fighters (in F-16's and F-22's  Be is used in over 340 parts), helicopters, spacecraft and satellites.  It is used in the landing gear and brakes in military aircraft where only 100% Beryllium is used.  In commercial aircraft they are most likely to use Beryllium alloys.  Beryllium is used in the "gimbals" in which the Navy gyroscopes are mounted as it has high levels of elasticity.
Beryllium is used in the oil and gas industry for drill bits, because it is non-sparking and also for military optics, infrared and surveillance systems and sensors in military satellites.
Beryllium Oxide Ceramics (BeO) another division of Brush Wellman produces this ceramic material which is perfect for producing circuits, such as those carrying high currents or very dense circuitry, because it can withstand extremes in temperature and rapidly dissipates heat.  Ideal for the wireless, telecommunications, power electronics, energy, medical and aerospace industries, beryllium ceramics allows for improved electrical performance particularly at high frequencies.

Chronic Beryllium Disease (CBD) is a lung disease for which there is no cure and which over
time will become fatal.  The tissues of the lungs become inflamed and over time, fibrosis (scarring)  
may restrict the oxygen flow between the lungs and the bloodstream.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) lists Beryllium as a known carcinogenic.
Although today the major players in the industry like Brush Wellman follow all the safety rules when handling Beryllium,  as for Beryllium alloys and ceramics, years ago, things were different and regulations were non-existent.

When handled properly, there is little or no problem working with Beryllium.  According to their website, Brush Wellman always takes great pains to ensure that regulations regarding its' handling and all International, Federal and State regulations are strictly followed.

Following is the label which accompanies Beryllium during shipment.

Beryllium Solid


Overexposure to beryllium by inhalation may cause chronic beryllium disease, a serious chronic lung disease.
• If processing or recycling produces airborne dust, fumes, or mists, use exhaust ventilation or other controls
designed to prevent exposure to workers.  Examples of such activities include melting, machining, welding,
grinding, abrasive sawing, sanding and polishing.  Any activity which abrades the surface of this material can
generate airborne dust.
• The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set mandatory limits on occupational
• Beryllium metal, in solid form and as contained in finished products presents no special health risks.
• Sold for manufacturing purposes only.  This product can be recycled; contact your sales representative.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires employers to provide training in the proper use of this

Calls to the State EPA and the New York State DEC to ask the reason for them allowing incinerators to burn any amount of Beryllium- considering the toxic nature of Beryllium in vapor, dust or particle  form- were not returned as of time of publication.  Any comments they would like to add to this would always be welcome.


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Some Good News For 9/11 First Responders...FealGood Foundation Optimistic But Still Working Hard on Their Behalf

Statement from the FealGood Foundation Regarding the Victim's Compensation Fund's Third Annual Report

Friends – After reviewing the new statistics put out by the VCF today at , we at the FealGood Foundation are encouraged and remain optimistic that the VCF has turned the corner in rendering awards to those who have waited to long for compensation.   The new statistics show a dramatic increase in award determinations, and we expect another dramatic increase by the VCF’s next Annual Report.   The VCF has an obligation to the 9/11 Community at large, and we believe they are closer each day to streamlining a process that will meet the demands of thousands who suffer.   While we see the improvement each day, and with each report, we at the FGF will not rest until the VCF meets its goal by 2016. That means working with all parties involved to ensure everyone eligible has been given their just award. The VCF, the Law Firms, the WTC Health Clinics need to continue to work in harmony and continue to keep an open dialogue and share new ideas to implement so we all see this process working at its best.

God bless!

The FealGood Foundation

Contact: John Feal 631 724 3320///